AwardHacker Review: How to Use It?

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You can use this tool to get the most out of your award miles by reading this AwardHacker review.

Do you want to know how to get the best deals on award travel? You may be familiar with AwardHacker. What points and miles you can use to book a flight are listed on the helpful website AwardHacker. As a result, it makes a great place to start when using your miles and points. AwardHacker can assist you if you have chosen a destination but are unsure of the points and miles to use to get there.

I’ll discuss the platform and how it can be used to locate the best award flights in this article.

What is AwardHacker?

As more people look for ways to stretch their travel budgets, award travel is becoming more and more common. Finding the best award flights is simple thanks to the new online service AwardHacker.

It’s a fantastic free item from US Credit Card Guide. It makes it simple to find the best award flights, even if you are not an expert in every airline mileage program.

You can quickly locate the most advantageous redemption possibilities as well as all the necessary route data using AwardHacker. You can even filter routes based on the flying airlines! Additionally, AwardHacker makes it simple to determine the value of airline miles. in order to maximize your investment.

Pros of AwardHacker

People who want to take advantage of inexpensive air travel while making wise use of their earned points should use AwardHacker.

award hacker
  • Shows the flight routes for the whole itinerary
  • Displays the number of miles needed for a ticket
  • Also works with multiple stops
  • Shows the whole alliance instead of one airline
  • Shows the programs you can transfer points to and from

Cons of AwardHacker

AwardHacker has some drawbacks despite being a useful tool.

  • Does not list some popular loyalty programs, including Etihad Guest
  • Does not show if a rewards ticket is available on the flight
  • Won’t show fuel surcharges on the award ticket
  • Does not consider tax information for the airfare

How Does AwardHacker Work?

With the help of AwardHacker, you can see which points and miles you could potentially use to purchase a flight between two cities. You cannot determine whether there is actually any availability from the website. You must use a specific airline’s website to conduct a search for availability.

Additionally, AwardHacker does not indicate which of the routes it discovers are actually open on the required dates. Airlines frequently add and remove routes. During the pandemic, this occurred even more frequently.

AwardHacker doesn’t always stay current with these modifications. In fact, they even have a disclaimer at the top of their website that reads: “Many routes are currently unavailable due to Covid-19.”

All of this indicates that AwardHacker is only a starting point, even though it can be really helpful. You will still need to look into award availability on your own. But AwardHacker does at least suggest which airlines to research.

award hacker

How to Use AwardHacker?

How to register for AwardHacker is a question that many people have. Fortunately, finding deals on the website doesn’t require you to go through a lengthy process. Finding what you need is made simpler by the user interface’s simplicity.

You’ll be delighted by how uncluttered the AwardHacker website is when you visit it. The AwardHacker website is precise and to the point, unlike other travel websites like or Expedia.

You can fill out a few input fields on the home page to find the offers for that itinerary. Here’s what you need to enter:

  • The arrival and departure airports
  • Which service level (business class, economy, etc.) you prefer
  • Route type – one-way or round trip
  • Stops along the way
  • Reward programs you want to find results for

A list of the possible ways to save money will appear after you type this information in.

Setting one place as your final stop and the others as rest stops along the way can be advantageous, for example, if you want to travel through India’s Golden Triangle. The website’s interface is very clear and user-friendly, as was already mentioned.

Thus, reading the results is simple; all you need to know is where to look for each piece of information.

Let’s first go over how to use AwardHacker to find award flights. You will see a list of results after running the search. The downward-pointing white arrow inside a blue circle should be clicked. It will display details for that flight’s airline and route.

The flight options and transfer fees between various rewards programs are displayed when you click on the arrow. You’ll also see how to use the points to buy any ticket.

award hacker

Remember that since airlines have only reserved a small number of seats on each flight for reward travelers, you will only find total ticket options. Simply viewing the number of reward seats on that flight is all that AwardHacker does. It wouldn’t indicate whether or not the seat is available.

Visit the airline’s website and look through the rewards portal to find that information. The value of a cent per mile is also displayed by AwardHacker. This can be found by selecting the “Show c/mile” option on the results page.

You will be directed to a page where you must enter the dates you wish to travel on when you conduct a search for this information on the website. Then, it will display all of the flights that are accessible through Google Flights.

Even though AwardHacker has a section for this, the website occasionally isn’t fully responsive. If so, in order to see the choices available, you’ll need to directly enter the travel dates into Google Flights.

Using AwardHacker to Find Program-Specific Deals

AwardHacker can help you find specific deals for your itinerary depending on the program you belong to.

Rewards Transfer Partners

You can easily earn a lot of points on your Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card if you use it for travel. You might not have enough points, though, to reserve a complimentary flight for a two-day trip to Amsterdam. AwardHacker, fortunately, fixes this issue.

Select Chase Ultimate Rewards in the search criteria when you’re on the website’s home page. The tool will then demonstrate how to transfer points from another program into your Ultimate Rewards account in order to be able to book a specific flight.

Certain programs also allow you to purchase points. By figuring out the price of the points and how many you’ll need to book a flight, you can decide if buying points is really worth it.

Will using points to pay for the flight result in financial savings? With this knowledge, you can acquire the necessary points through various channels, like signing up for a credit card bonus.

award hacker

The best way to accumulate points for inexpensive travel is through credit card sign-up bonuses. Your credit score won’t be impacted by doing this. Using a service like CreditKarma, you can check your credit score for free at any time. Instead, if you effectively manage your profile, your rating might even go up.

Booking International Flights

You can easily book international flights using the fantastic tool known as AwardHacker. AwardHacker handles the rest; all you have to do is enter the desired travel details. It offers you a list of flights that meet your requirements. Booking international flights is a cinch because it also informs you of the number of points required.

You can book this specific flight using the airline’s website, which is displayed in the left corner of each row. When you click on the highlighted mile type text next to the logo, the name of the particular award program will show up. Another fantastic reason to use AwardHacker is its Operated By column.

You can use this column to find the airlines that fly the routes from your departure to your destination. Never worry about not being able to find your preferred airline! Just be aware that airlines have teams or alliances that enable them to share resources, including flights.

What Are People Saying About AwardHacker?

AwardHacker is currently the subject of a lot of excitement. People are mentioning how the platform can assist you in locating the best award flights. Furthermore, you can transfer points between programs! Others have found it to be a bit hit-and-miss, while some are impressed with what it can do. Let’s look more closely at what people are saying about AwardHacker.

Some people adore how AwardHacker displays the necessary number of miles as well as the flight routes for the entire itinerary. If you’re organizing an international trip, this method also works with multiple stops. As most travelers are aware, international flights frequently involve several stops.

Unfortunately, some people have discovered that certain essential and well-known loyalty programs are absent. A reward ticket may not always be readily available, which is another issue. Other issues include missing tax information, which can affect your choice of whether or not to book a specific flight and fuel surcharges that can significantly increase your final bill.

On AwardHacker, the public appears to be fairly divided. Others have found it to be a little disappointing, while others adore it and find it to be extremely helpful. Whether it’s appropriate for you or not will probably depend on your particular needs and preferences.

award hacker

AwardHacker Alternatives

There are many different rewards tools you can use if you don’t like the AwardHacker user interface or can’t find the flight you want on the website.


For a stress-free experience, ExpertFlyer gives you complete flight details for your itinerary. According to the seat you want, you can create an alert on the website. Everything is up for selection, including the seat and service class.

One example is that you can set an alert if you want a window seat in economy. If such a seat is discovered, ExpertFlyer will notify you via email.

KVS Tool

The KVS tool isn’t free, but it can help you learn much more about a flight than just the rewards that are offered. Additionally, you can discover details on things like visa requirements.

Get a $35 annual subscription to the tool if you travel frequently. To make the most of this site, it is best if you are familiar with basic airline coding and terminology.

Final Thoughts: Start Your Travel With AwardHacker

When using your points and miles to book flights, AwardHacker is a great place to start. Despite the website’s relative simplicity, it takes some effort to understand the search results. This concludes our analysis of AwardHacker.

As is obvious, the tool can be very helpful if you’re looking for inexpensive flights and want to maximize your air miles. The website’s ability to display transferable options is one of its most noteworthy features. In order to book flights with points, you can transfer miles from one program to another.


Is AwardHacker Accurate?

As noted by the warning, the site’s database isn’t always accurate. In fact, as shown in the screenshot above, there are only a few input fields for you to choose from: your preferred airports for departure and arrival. the mode of travel (roundtrip or one-way).

Is AwardHacker Legit?

Yes, AwardHacker is legitimate, and lots of thrifty travelers attest to that. However, because all the information is crammed into a small area, you might have some trouble finding the flights if this is your first time using the tool.

Once you get the hang of it, AwardHacker will become your go-to resource for determining how to utilize your travel miles and points.

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